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Protective Coatings, Inc. was founded in 1958 in Fort Wayne, Indiana as a tank lining applicator. The lining business historically has been one of fluctuating volume. With these fluctuations in mind, we determined that it would be wise to diversify into related business areas. This diversification has permitted us to develop a highly skilled and stable work force ready to react to our customers lead time requirements.

We have remained an active growing company since our founding. Our Knowledge and Experience has made us a ROLE MODEL for the Rubber Lining Industry. Our business has fluorished by strictly adhering to these principles:

  • Safety - Safety always comes first. Our employees receive OSHA 30 Hour or greater training. We haven't had an OSHA recordable injury in over three years.
  • Honesty - Proco desires to be fair, straightforward and sincere in our conduct.
  • Integrity - Proco is firm in our adherence to a code of high moral values in all our customer relationships.
  • Ethics - We will never try to win your business by making negative claims about our competition. We want to earn your business based solely upon our own merits.
  • Quality - Proco offers excellence in the services we provide and the products we manufacture.
  • Value - Proco’s products and services offer marketability through their craftsmanship and high quality of the ingredients in our materials.
  • Dependability - Proco’s more than 50 years of business operations is a result of our continued reliablity in meeting or exceeding the needs of the Rubber Industry.
  • Service - Proco desires to be a company that serves and contributes to the welfare of our customers through not only our products but with our labor working safely in outside environments.

In addition to rubber lining applications, some of the products and services we provide include:
  • Epoxy Lined Pipe & Tanks - Lining with Epoxy and other high performance lining materials
  • Molded Rubber Parts - Parts with Rubber Only - Molded Parts with Fabric & Rubber - Molded Parts with Steel Encapsulated in Rubber - Molded Parts with both Steel & Fabric
  • Tubewinder Belts - Used to Wrap Tensioned Plies of Glued Paper Around a Mandrel of Spiral Tubwinding Machines
  • Single-Ply Roofing Systems - EPDM and Reinforced PVC Roofing Systems for Mobile Homes, RV's and 5th Wheel Trailers
  • Custom Poly Tanks - Used widely in Electroplating Operations
  • Drop-In Liners - Used in Electroplating Operations and Secondary Containment
  • Surface Prepatation - (Blasting) for Parts of any Size made from Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Cast Iron

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